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Transform your outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes with Sandyford Landscaping & Garden Services. From meticulously designed outdoor areas to precision lawn care and landscaping, we are your one-stop solution for all garden design and maintenance needs.

Professional garden maintenance

Healthy greenery isn’t just about what you can see on the surface; it’s about ensuring what’s beneath thrives too. Our top-tier Rotavation Service is designed to aerate your soil, ensuring it’s fertile and ready to support plant growth. From seed germination techniques to offering advanced landscaping solutions, our experts harness their extensive knowledge to bring out the best in your garden. We believe in the complete garden experience. Alongside landscaping and lawn care, we’re also adept at fencing and shed installations. Whether you’re looking for privacy screen fencing, picket & trellis panelling, or robust wooden sheds and playhouses, we have you covered. Each fencing and shed solution is tailored, measured, and fitted perfectly to suit all spaces.

Sandyford Landscaping & Garden Services

When you entrust us with your garden, we ensure every corner shines. Be it creating an inviting patio, laying a fresh green lawn, or ensuring your pathways are flawlessly paved, our promise is to make your home the star of the show. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced not just in our designs but in every single task we undertake. All grass cuttings, leaves, expired plants, and other debris are systematically removed post-service, ensuring your space remains pristine. Contact us for pricing and availability, or simply to chat about how we can elevate your outdoor spaces.

We provide professional garden maintenance also remove all grass cuttings, leaf debris, old plants, shrubbery and weeds.

professional garden maintenance

Top Quality Rotavation Service now available. Aerate soil to promote healthy growth.

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From privacy screen fencing, moss removal to garden sheds, Sandyford Landscaping can supply and fully fit out your garden. All fencing and sheds fully measured to fit all garden spaces.

Fencing & Sheds we supply and fit:

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